Sunday, May 20, 2012

Critters in the Coreopsis

A beautiful (stained glass window) Monarch drinking in some nourishment as it makes its way north.  The most famous butterfly in the world.

Our famous Black-tailed Prairie Dog munching on Coreopsis for its nourishment.  They never go to water, they get what they need from the plants.  They keep vegetation chewed down making it better to see their predators while their burrow has a bare mound around it getting them up even higher.

They are very social critters...greeting family members with a kiss.
When they see a predator, they scurry to their burrows and give a barking alarm..hence the name "dog".

I think they are so fascinating to watch.  At the prairie dog town here, they are quite approachable.  This is also a good place to see Burrowing Owls as they use abandoned burrows to perch on.  We don't have that bird yet.  We are up to 97 species with only one day of trying.  Most have been in our little yard here.

White-tailed Deer are seen most days.  The buck is growing his new antlers and are still in velvet.

Another critter in the coreopsis.  A Lark Sparrow.  One of the sparrows that is a little easier to identify with that face pattern.

Who is that critter in the coreopsis????

Days end with the sun setting over the Wichitas.

Until next time...  


  1. I love to watch the Prairie Dogs too, they have so much energy!

  2. Your photos are just spectacular.

  3. Beautiful pictures Carolyn! :)