Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A First Class VC

This is the biggest, nicest visitor center we have ever seen on a refuge before.  As you enter, you are greeted by these huge buffalo.

There is a beautifully done mural on the wall behind.

Dioramas and hands-on displays complement fine art, sculptures and exquisite taxidermy.

This depicts all four large mammals on the refuge.  Someone said this is a mammal refuge, not a bird refuge.  Hum, we shall see about that.

I think I have covered the four major habitat types:  rocklands, aquatic, mixed-grass prairie, and cross timbers.  

That concludes your tour of the VC.

There is a huge environmental education program here and they seem to really cater to children.

They also have a very active friends group here that do all their tours.  It seems we will be doing some of the mundane things during our stay.  The one thing they do not do are bird walks!!!  With the Black-capped Vireo here, they are missing out on not offering these walks.  This could be something I will work on.

Tomorrow I will be blogging about another wonderful hike!!!  Stay tuned...I will take you there with us, and I will be getting to relive this hike all over again.

Until next time....


  1. It's been a while since we visited there... I mostly remember the long horns hanging out in the parking lot ;-) I guess a month isn't too long to do the mundane stuff... maybe they figure it's too short a time to train? Not that you folks need much training... hmmmm Too bad they don't do birding tours...

  2. Actually, we will be back Sept. & Oct. after we finish our stint at Arapaho NWR in Colorado. We will be there for the summer months.