Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Holy City

It was Sunday, so I thought this was a good place to visit.  This is situated on the refuge and run by a concessionaire.  It has been here since 1935.

The Chapel is the first place we enter.

From the foyer, you pass through this pretty tiled archway into the sanctuary.

Front and center is The Lord's Prayer.  This I memorized as a young child and still find it comforting today.

One of the stained glass windows featuring a Canna Lily.

This depicts The Tomb where the body of Jesus was put to rest.

I believe this is Herod's Court.  He was King of the Jews.

This structure is Pilate's Court where the "King of the Jews" (Jesus) was tried and convicted.  

This depicts the Crucifixion where Jesus was nailed to the cross between two thieves.

A view from the parking lot where you park to view the Passion Play on Easter weekend.  The gray arched building with three arches is The Temple (not shown close up).

We found the rock work to be beautiful and interesting.

This stands overlooking the whole area and is an imposing feature.

On the way back to the "volunteer village," we came to a stop!!!

They own the road!!!

Until next time...


  1. Been meaning to tell you that they mention the Holy City in that Trailer Life article I told you about. However, you did a much better job with your pictures and history of it! :)