Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Traveling South

We left Valentine, Nebraska at 10:00am. We spent the night at the Wal-mart in Fort Morgan, Colorado. We left that next morning.

Our first view of the Colorado Rockies through the haze.

We came in on interstate 76 toward Denver.

Things were going well until we got to Las Vegas, New Mexico at 1:15pm.

We got a warning light on our NEW Ford 350!!! We pulled over in the town hoping to find a Ford dealership...not one there...not until Albuquerque, 70 ish miles further. Wallace phoned our mechanic in McAllen, Texas. He told us it needed a burn out. Oh, I did not mention it is over 100 degrees outside!!! We start out toward A town, the light is still on, I'm in a panic, we are needing fuel, took an exit that said there was gas. After about 20 miles on a narrow road, we find a diesel station that we had to back out of, finally got back on the interstate...to make a long story shorter, we get to

this nice park off interstate 40 West of Albuquerque. We were able to get a space, not knowing if it would be available while we have our truck tended to because they were closed by the time we arrived. We took the truck into the Ford dealership early the next morning, the first ones there. They shuttled us back to the park...we talked to the lady about our dilemma. She was very nice. We paid for another day not knowing how long repairs would take. At noon, Ford called saying it was ready, we were elated. We pick it up, get down the road about 10 miles and the light came back on!!! Finally, they did a burn out...it is now ready at 4:30. It worked!!! We stayed that extra day and chilled out.

We got to Sevilleta at 10:00am without any more problems.

Jeanine met us at the door and said, "Welcome home." Man it was good to get there.

We got all set up in this site, then went back to the visitor center to visit with Jeanine.

We are happy about our site and all feels well.

We had a couple of tiger salamanders in the water receptacle.

One of them looks like she may be going to have babies...I will keep my eye on them.

Anyway, we are here and set up in our site, at "home" for three months.

Until next time...


  1. That site looks familiar.... tell Jeannine Howdy for us... We loved Sevilleta and hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Of course, there's no way you won't!

  2. Well that all sounds pretty stressful. Glad it all worked out and that you've arrived at your new volunteer home. We'll look forward to hearing more about Sevilleta.

  3. Glad you arrived safely. Our F450 spent two weeks there after our truck engine fire. What kind of warning light came on?

    1. It was the exhaust filter plugged!!! We mentioned the first time that it needed a burn out but I guess they thought we did not know what we were talking about...they finally did the burn out...it worked!!! Could have been fixed by noon if they had done it the first time!!!

  4. I hate it when there are mechanical problems while driving. Keep us posted on what this refuge is all about.

  5. we have stayed at the American RV park.. very nice people. so sorry to hear about your truck. we got ours last Aug. so far not problems...

  6. Never heard of a blow out. Will keep it in mind if we have a warning light come on in our diesel. We stay in American RV most times we are traveling between Colorado and Arizona. Good folks there.