Sunday, August 9, 2015

From Coteaus to Sandhills

We left Sullys Hill at 8:15, August 2. As we got on the interstate 94, we started seeing motorcycles...headed for Sturgis S.D. Turns out, it is the 75th anniversary of the big gathering.

We found out they pay $100.00 for a tent space and beer is $15.00 a bottle!!! How wild is that? Motorcycles were everywhere...all the way to Valentine, Nebraska.

We drove through Pierre, S.D. and just happened to get a shot of the Capitol Building. No visit this time though.

We made it to Valentine, Nebraska where we stayed at the Wacky West RV Park. It is a Passport America park. It was an easy find...not much to look at but okay.

I really like this little town. It just had a good feel about it. It's the heart city!!!

We spent some time visiting Niobrara NWR. We drove part of the auto tour, but did not see much. The prairie dog town was pretty active.

We took the stairs down to get this picture of Fort Falls where we had to wait on a lady photographer forever to get out of the water for our picture. She climbed over the barricade...why do you think the barricade is there? Some people...she took her time and could care less about us waiting!!!

On the Fort Falls trail, we came upon the Niobrara River where we watched the people in can barely see them. There was a larger group of them just coming around the bend.

We left Valentine, another small town in America. Passed up Valentine NWR, but got this shot.

Now, back to my title.

From coteaus to sandhills. These rolling hills are created by blowing sand, and some of them were quite high.

They are the largest mass of grass-stabilized sand dunes in the Western Hemisphere. The grass is fed by the Ogallala Aquifer, which is the one of the largest groundwater sources in the world. It is a pretty amazing place.

Rolling on down the road as we head South to New Mexico.

We enjoyed our two day stay in Valentine.

Next time, we will stay here a little longer. 

The second part of our journey is coming up next.

Until next time...


  1. Are those two refuges major stop over points for fall migrating waterfowl?

    1. They are both in the middle of the state...Valentine seems to have a lot of ponds, lakes and marshes!!!

  2. I have even stronger words for people who climb over barriers. Our first volunteer gig was in Bryce Canyon. It's amazing where people will go off the trail to take photos! And even dumber are the folks who cross the barrier on the edge of the Grand Canyon. Could I say "idiots"?