Sunday, August 16, 2015

San Lorenzo Canyon


Part of our orientation was a trip to this beautiful area on the refuge.

The header picture was taken here in this canyon.

Would you ever expect to see anything like this here in this dry, arid desert? We didn't. Never heard about it either. 

A little gem of a place.

Various layers of the sediment built up and tilted to form what is called "the bread loaf."

Okay, interesting...what is next?

Oh, big horn sheep. Will we see those?

Oh my, what is this, a canyon and we are on the floor of it.

We start seeing caves.

The beautiful red color is from iron oxidation.

It gets better!!!

Jeannine yells out, "there's one up there."

Our first look at a desert big horn sheep...a ram!

She says, "okay, where are the rest of you guys, I know you are up there somewhere."

We are glassing the place. I yell out, "there are two more down below him." It turned out to be a lamb with a ewe.

As we turn around to drive to the next place, I spot these two high upon a ridge.

This was pretty exciting.

I could have stayed right there, looking for more.

I wanted to climb up into this slot canyon to explore, but not enough time today. 

There was a little trickle of water coming from somewhere in there.

I thought of Zion and the slot canyon there.

This is our header photo you see on our blog.

You just can't imagine how beautiful this place is without experiencing it, but maybe we have given you a taste.

This canyon is a place of chimneys, caves, towers, arches and hoodoos.

Wind and water have sculpted sandstone, mud and volcanic ash to form this wonderful place.

This will not be our only visit!!!

Until next time...


  1. And it's even more beautiful when it's icy in he winter. Nice shots!

    1. When were y'all here? You were here in the icy season???

  2. Cool beans! Looks like you hit the jackpot with big horn sheep! And those canyons are gorgeous.

  3. We go through New Mexico once or twice a year. We have to check this place out!

  4. Your photos are great Carolyn! Makes me want to pack up and head west! :)