Friday, January 24, 2014

Painted Churches of Texas

We thought since we are so near Wallis, Texas, that we would check out this "painted church."  

WOW, what a treat!!! It was such a treat that we decided to continue on to Schulenburg where we visited more of these beautifully painted, historical buildings. Now, we come home and get on the internet to learn more about them.

The church in Wallis is the Guardian Angel Catholic Church built in 1915.  The beautiful stained glass windows were donated by parish members with their names written in Czech on each window.

A close up view of the center altar. Keep in mind, the statues are life size.

In 1890, several Czech families settled in this area and the first church was soon built.

The interior was renovated, painted by hand, new carpeting was laid, and the pews refinished in 1995.  It is one of the oldest and largest wooden structures of its type in Texas. It is also the first church on the list of the Texas Historical Commission list of painted churches.

This is one of the three altars.  The statues at the top are huge. Just look at that detailed woodwork!

This was just a start of our quest to see these "Painted Churches of Texas."

This is Saint Mary Catholic Church in High Hill. This is our favorite one we have visited so far.

You have to stop and take in all the beauty at this point.  Everywhere you look is delightful.

This one is considered to be the Queen of the Painted Churches. It was built in 1906 in classic gothic revival for the small German settlement. Now for a closer look.

This is the center altar. Just look up at that ceiling too. Christ on the cross is a stained glass window flanked by two life size figures.

We just stood in awe of the beauty we were surrounded in.  I'm not sure how long we stayed, but it was some time.

The three altars were placed in the church in 1911.  The artwork, wall decorations and ceiling were completed in 1912.

There are eighteen original stained glass windows from the second church that was built in 1875.

The balcony where the pipe organ is located...we could not go up into this area...can you imagine what the view would be from here? The chandelier and the artwork on the ceiling gives you a closer look at the grandeur.

As a mother, I feel her pain.

It is a good reminder of the sacrifice He paid to save our souls.

We are not Catholic, but respect all religions for we are one in Christ.

There are more of these magnificent churches to be seen.  We paid a visit to several more, but these two are the ones we chose to share. 

Until next time...


  1. I just put those churches on my "must see" list. They are beautiful!

  2. What magnificent churches. Thanks for sharing. I am going to look up Texas painted churches and bookmark it. I think we mal be passing through southern Texas in April and we may check them out.

  3. So love the artwork. Stunning. I cannot imagine the hours spent on scaffolding to paint the ceilings.