Monday, February 3, 2014

Last Weeks Work

As we were heading out to put up a few more boundary signs on the north side of the refuge, we happened upon this large herd of deer. There were 21 in all, the largest deer herd we have seen. No bucks!!!

We were given the task of building 4 bunk beds as we have people coming in to help with invasive species.  

Here, Karen and I are painting them after Wallace sands out the rough edges.  

Then the guys had to try them out. The mattresses were purchased at the local Wal-Mart.  (That's Danny in the background). They passed inspection.

They were placed in a mobile home on the property that has 7' ceilings...we had to make sure there was plenty of head room.

The paint was a mixture of about 5 different colors that were left overs.  They turned out nicely.

As some of you know, our weather has been cold and rainy!!!

Our work was inside jobs with the next thing being servicing heavy equipment.

This is Darrell, our supervisor, who you might recognize in our blogs from last season. Because of the weather, we have not gotten out in the field yet...but we are getting ready. We have fields to plow, and seeds to plant...just a few of our projects for the year.

The beds are finished and in place.  There are 3 bedrooms with existing beds, so 2 of the rooms have an extra bed.  This one got placed in the living area.

What do you think?

And that was part of what we got accomplished last week.

Until next time...


  1. The color came out nice considering you had to mix five different colors.

    1. And considering there was a full gallon of jade green and a half can of dark purple!!!

  2. You do good work. I hope the folks coming are younger than us. The beds look good, but not for me at this stage of life.

    1. Thank you...yes, they are young. We did put on a set of stairs to climb up on. We could give y'all the bottom bunks.

  3. Nice work! And nice, too, that you put that left over paint to use. But I'm curious... what was the purple and jade used for the first time around?

    1. That is a good question...nothing around here is painted using those colors!!!