Saturday, January 18, 2014

We be Busy...

Our first work week consisted of driving the recyclables to Brenham, after stuffing all of them in the van.  We stopped in Sealy to empty the paper recyclables...then dropped off one of the trucks in Sealy to be worked on...then headed over to Brenham.

Next day, Wallace took the radiator out of the Polaris to be mounted on the back.

Out here on the prairie, the radiator gets filled with seeds, etc.  They tend to heat up!!!

Next it gets a good cleaning.

You should have seen the debris!!!

Even with the pans underneath, there was still some spillage. Never fear for there is a drain just underneath the vehicle.

Radiator is now out, all the debris is vacuumed out.  Now it is time for the radiator to be installed on the back. Darrell!!!

The man is a genius!!!  Let's see how this works now.

Can you see it? The yard is full of these little critters...Pocket Gopher. Boy, is it fun mowing over all those mounds.

Speaking of mowing, I mowed the entire property this week. It sure does look better.

We have also been busy on that darn computer. We needed to get certified in safety: USGS Hazard Communication-GHS. Passed it with flying colors. We also had to update our FISSA+Privacy & Records Management. It is good to keep refreshed on this.

Then on my day off, I went with our biologist, Rebecca, on an eagle run.  Our route took us over 80 miles with only one Bald Eagle to report. The next day, there were two more reported.

We trimmed the Sycamore Trail...checked out the fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, and exit lights...then reported our findings to Ferris. There were several smoke alarms with dead batteries that we changed out. Then we started on vehicle and tool inventory...what fun that is!!!

This is nothing new, but we do enjoy posting boundary signs...that gets us out on the refuge.

I did not take a picture of the sign that was buried in yaupon. We had to do some trimming on that one.

Anyway, that is how our first two weeks went.

Our next blog is in the works...

Until next time...


  1. Pocket gophers, thirteen striped ground squirrels, and woodchucks are a bane to mowing. :)

  2. You two sure are keeping busy... but heck, if you're mowing, the weather must be mild enough that the grass is growing.

  3. The refuge is fortunate to have the two of you there to do all that work. Don't work too hard. Hope you have some time for fun, too. Isn't there a creamery in Brenham?

    1. Yes and we visited last year...our favorite ice cream!!!

  4. That radiator relocation is interesting. Might get a little toasty in the summer with it sitting right behind your head!! It looks like you're staying busy with a variety of tasks.