Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pyros on the Prairie

For those of us who are familiar with management techniques on wildlife refuges, we all know how fire plays an important role in rejuvenation of the land.  

Balcones Canyonland National Wildlife Refuge fire crew paid us a visit this past week and we got to see how they operate.

These are the two lead fire fighters as we joined in on their briefing.

This is where it all started as we watched from a safe distance.

Then this turned into 


as the flames went higher and higher.

This is another area.


and after.  You can see the solar panel to the left that is in both photos.  

Next was in our front yard.  This is where we take the sunset pictures from. The area may look familiar to you.

The fire didn't last long, but it put on quite a show while it did.  This was at days end with some of the weary firefighters.

It is amazing how quickly it has greened up.  Just a few days!!!

This is our first wildflower sighting.  Phlox.  Pretty soon we will be seeing wildflowers all over this prairie, and of course, you can see them too right here.

Until next time...

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  1. i was the guy with the torch on several prescribed burns in Texas...