Monday, February 4, 2013

Plowing, Day Three

Come inside my tractor so I can show you all the levers we use while plowing the fields here at the refuge.

The throttle is on the left (bottom).  The next one up is in park where it should always be when stopped.  It's the lever that takes you either forward or backwards (up or down), and controls your speed 1, 2, 3, or 4.  The next lever has A, B, C, or D which changes gears.  It also has N (neutral).  We were told in the beginning to always run in C 3.  The smaller black lever is what controls the plow and tires.  The three knobs in the upper right are for the a/c.  There is also the four wheel drive switch.

With a radio I never listen to.

Now we are ready, let's go!!!  I forgot to mention, when you are plowing, you always make your turns to the left!!!

Our third field is our biggest and wettest...80 acres!!!

We had already plowed part of it when Darrell said, "John has decided to have the rest of it plowed, but you have to be careful of these two wet spots."  Things are going well when Wallace gets stuck!!!  Darrell comes to the rescue.  We play close attention to how it's done and it is a good thing because he manages to get stuck again!!!  This time, I pull him backing up I might add!!!

It wasn't too much longer when this incident happens.  We both started plowing again, then he pulls up beside me and I do a double take...he has no plow!!!  Doesn't even know it!!!  The hitch on the tractor broke (he was warned this might happen).  Darrell comes to the rescue again. With his welding expertise, he had us going again.

Here is the abandoned plow.

I did mention I like straight rows didn't I?  Well, I had a nice square going on and what does Wallace do...he plows a diagonal strip right through the middle of it!!!  Darrell says he doesn't care how it looks, just plow it and that is just what HE does.  

There are many raptors flying around and landing that keeps us entertained.  They can catch all the mice and rats they want, but leave the cottontails alone!!!

Taken from my moving tractor with dusty windows.  A White-tailed Hawk and a Crested Caracara.

And Sandhill Cranes waiting to land.

Plow is are is done!!!

Until next time...    


  1. Bill & I both are enjoying your plowing experience.
    Looks like you're having a great time.

  2. You make a girl from the Midwest proud Carolyn!

  3. Do you plan to retire to your own farm?