Friday, February 15, 2013

Plowing to Mowing

This day I mowed, while Wallace and the others tore down another acclimation pen.

Mowing involves yet another function on the tractor which I learned to operate.  It's the yellow switch shown on the panel from our last blog.  That switch is what sets the mower blades into action!!!  With the mower attached, you can make turns in any direction.

Mower is down.

There were two new added instructions...throttle up to the top of the green area on the tachometer while mowing

and do not get out of the seat when the mower is running!!!  Sorry for the lousy photo.

This pair of coyotes followed after the tractor.

At one point, when the last few remaining strips were left, cottontails sprinted out in several directions.  Sadly to say, one was consumed by those coyotes.

These 3 hawks came in and one of them snatched something.  It immediately covered it with its was not going to share.  I think they are Ferruginous Hawks, but could be red tails.  However, I have never seen this color in red tails before.  Help me out there you hawk experts.

The field before...up to the door of the tractor

and after.

John Magera, assistant refuge manager, was very complimentary about my mowing.  I was checked on several times throughout the day.

Mower off...wings are up...back to the shop to clean it up!!!

Until next time...


  1. I am telling you that is a marketable skill in the Midwest!

  2. What? You didn't break any shear pins? Good job!

  3. Can y'all tell I'm having a BLAST? Put me out on that tractor and I can stay out all day!!!