Friday, July 6, 2012

Snowy Range

Time for another road trip up in the mountains.  

Here is the parking lot to the left where we parked and took a little hike.

Here we are in front of Medicine Bow Lake...coke bottle green.

This trail leads from the parking lot and takes you around the lake.

Here comes a snowball...we actually found some snow to play in.

These beautiful little lilies were everywhere.

On this mountain range, a plane went down.  

From here we took another trail that took us down to a mine and the cabin that was occupied by the miner.

This trip was taken June 18th, so you can see I am having trouble getting to a place to be able to post.

It was a beautiful day and a wonderful time out and about.

Until next time...

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  1. We visited Snowy Range Scenic Byway on June 18, 2010. There was so much snow up high that you couldn't hike off of the road, and the ponds were still frozen!! What a difference a couple of years make...

    Glad to see that you got a post out.