Monday, June 25, 2012

Cache La Poudre

Pronounced Pooder Falls.  It is where the French cached their gunpowder when they were in the area.  The French  fur trappers were caught by a tremendous snow storm in the 1820's and hid gunpowder along the banks of the river to lighten their load.

It is the Cache La Poudre-North Park Scenic Byway where you can experience Colorado's peaks, prairies and parks.  It is a beautiful drive, all 101 miles one way leading to Fort Collins.  

The byway travels through Poudre Canyon, and over Cameron Pass

at an elevation of 10,276'.

Following are just some shots of some of the beautiful views along the way.

These are the jagged Nokhu Crags.

You've seen the beauty and now for the beast.  The beetles have killed a lot of the trees as evidenced in this photo.  Now the fires!

This is the smoke we saw and had no idea what was happening.  This was the day it all started, and we found out about it later that evening on the news.

The geology in the area was quite interesting.

We saw many floaters and kayakers on Colorado's first National Wild and Scenic River...Cache La Poudre River.

This is the Baldwin Tunnel.  Convict labor crews blasted the way through the rock making a direct route between Walden and Fort Collins.

This moose is at the visitor center right off the byway.  It is made from barbed wire.

We really enjoyed our road trip through this area.  This was our very first road trip.  There are more to come.

Until next time...


  1. I love that drive. Thanks for letting us share the scenery again. We lived in Granby and Grand Lake for a while and could get up near where you are fairly easily.

  2. What a beautiful drive! I love waterfalls and those rock formations look really interesting. I would like to see that barbed wire moose. Can't imagine making something like that. I bet someone has a lot of punctured fingers.
    Looks like yall are having a lot of fun.