Monday, July 9, 2012


We helped out the state of Colorado with their "goose round-up". 

The geese were herded into a holding pen by using kayaks.

Approximately 500 geese were captured, caught, handed over to us to pass on to the banding team who not only banded but sexed them.  After banding 100, the rest were released.  This was an extra day of work for us.

Some were previously banded and let go.

Comforting this gosling until the banders were ready.

Then the great exodus...

The geese are captured at this time because they are molting and will not fly.  We greatly appreciated when the birds head was tucked under their wing by the handlers before they were passed off to us making them easier to handle.  

We have also done some plant transects.  This week we will be doing some fencing...taking them down.

We have gotten a lot of rain, finally...hooray!!!

Until next time...

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