Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This Bouquet is for You

As I promised in an earlier blog I would be sending pictures of more spring flowers that are blooming here in south Texas. (native plants).

This is a Wild Olive Tree flower.  An attractive ornamental plant for the landscape.  It will grow as far north as San Antonio, Texas.

This is the flower from the Mountain Laurel Tree.  It is an evergreen, and happens to be my favorite.  The flowers are very fragrant and smells like grape koolaid.  The seeds and leaves are toxic to humans, livestock, and wildlife.  The seeds are bright red and are used to make jewelry.

The Anaqua Tree is starting to bloom.  After the flowers come berries, a very good source of food for many birds.  The wood has been used to make wagon wheels, axles, and wheel spokes.

There are two trees people get confused with.  This one is the Retama Tree.  The new growth is green much like the Palo Verde Tree.  Notice the feathery drooping foliage.  Look at the evil long thorn in the picture.

This is the flower from the Palo Verde Tree.  You can see the difference in the foliage. 

The Honey Mesquite is now blooming and following that there will be an oblong bean that will ripen in late summer.  It is an extremely important tree for the wildlife in south Texas.  As a bonus, you get an insect...see if you can find it.

Then there is Whitebrush.  The flowers are vanilla-scented and the bees are crazy over this plant.  Bees make a light colored honey from the flowers, and I really hoped they would be so busy they would not sting me.  We came upon this plant at one of the tracts of refuge land called El Ranchito, a tract of land that has some really interesting plants.

Here are Baby Bonnets.

And then there are Baby Blue-eyes.

Then there is Lantana.  The crushed leaves have reportedly been used to treat snake bites.  It is toxic to livestock and humans.

Couldn't resist this Mexican Hat.

Indian Blanket.  (Gaillardia).


We will close with White Prickly Poppy.  Until next time.....


  1. Great Pictures! Did you take them with the micro lens on your new camera? I don't think I've ever seen Mexican Hat... will have to look around to see if it blooms up here.

  2. Some of them were taken with the macro. Others I did not get close enough to without wading in guinea grass!! Where are you now. Mexican Hat blooms all over Texas. Glad you liked them. Carolyn

  3. Loved all the pics of blooming plants Carolyn. The azaleas are in peak bloom here . Beautiful!