Tuesday, March 20, 2012

La Puerta Project

The La Puerta tract is located east of Rio Grande City just off Highway 83.  On the north side of 83 is a small parking lot where visitors can park to access the property by foot only.  This tract of land needed water for the wildlife.  A plan was made to create a pond to meet this need.  

This is Charles, our heavy equipment operator for the refuge.  He was called in to dig the hole for the pond.  He finished off the edge by piling up dirt on the liner to hold it in place.  He made it look so easy!!!  It looks GREAT!!!

Plans were made and pipes were laid.  Water is supplied by a solar powered pump installed by Wally and Joe with supervision from wetland biologist and supervisor, Imer de la Garza.

Voila...we have water as long as the sun is out and it is for most of the year here in south Texas.  We think the wildlife will make good use of this fresh water source as it is one of the three things all critters need to survive...food, water, and habitat.

Here is the proud crew with a job accomplished.  Joe, Imer, Wally, and Charles.  Our hats are off to you guys!!!

Until next time.....


  1. Great pictures Carolyn! Looks like a great project and the guys all look so happy!

    Job well done and the critters will love it!

  2. That's a great project for the local wildlife as I know water is hard to come by in this area. I live on property off of Hwy 83 next to the wildlife refuge and have provided water year round for the deer and javalinas that come in. How far north of the highway is this pond located? I used to be able to see deer come in for a drink of water from my kitchen window on a daily basis but this activity has ceased in the past year and a half.

  3. Hi Hector...welcome to the blog. How did you find out about us? I would refer you to Santa Ana and a biologist there by the name of Imer de la Garza. He could give you all the details. Thanks for your comments and please sign in as a follower. Hope to hear from you again.