Thursday, March 15, 2012

Texas Longhorn Cattle

Texas Longhorn Cattle got their start right here in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  They evolved from cattle that were brought over by the Spanish nearly 500 years ago.  To survive this area, cattle had to be hardy.  They adapted to the tough conditions by not needing much water and living on sparse vegetation.  There are no two alike.  Their characteristic horns can have a span of 7 feet.  They are the Texas State Large Mammal.  Texas is the original home of ranching with most of you being familiar with the King Ranch.

Next time you are in Edinburg, check out these scenes that the highway department put up on the overpass walls.  They are really pretty and cost a pretty penny too!!!

The Texas Longhorns were saved from extinction in 1927 when a small herd of stock were sent to breed at Wichita Mountains NWR
in Oklahoma.  We are happy to say, we will be spending May, September, and October at this refuge where we will have the opportunity to work with these beautiful animals as well as other things.  More on the other things at a later date.

Our seal of the great state of Texas.  Can you tell, we are proud!?!
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  1. I didn't know y'all were heading for Wichita Mts NWR.... is that where Joe D. is now? We finally got reimbursed for Bill's work last July.... There are several ranches with longhorns around here... aren't they fantastic! We'll be in Costa Rica for the month of April... hoping to do some good birding. Don't know when we'll catch up with you again as you won't be going back to Maine. One of these days....

  2. Yes, Joe is there. He was down visiting and invited us up. I envy your trip to Costa Rica...WOW!! We will probably return to Maine next summer. I'm missing them already!!!

  3. I'm looking forward to reading about your stay at Wichita Mtns. That one is on our list of places to volunteer too!