Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Look Out My Window

There has been some activity around this area lately, more so than usual.

This was the bird out my front window this evening.  A division of Homeland Security.  They circled several times.  Word is they had some Chinese illegals they were searching for. 

On to cheerier things...Our volunteer trip today was to Salineno and Roma.  Even with all day rain expected, 13 volunteers showed up for the trip.  We are a hardy bunch.

Our first stop was the Roma Bluffs World Birding Center.  After a brief hello, we stepped outside where I gave them some information about the history of Roma while standing in the Historic Landmark District.  There are 30 structures still standing that were built before the 1900's.  The traditional Spanish plaza with its focal point being a church, Our Lady of Refuge.  There is a lot of history here.

Next stop was Salineno.  It is a small tract of refuge land managed by Lower Rio Grande NWR and it is an excellent place to see some good birds that we don't see in our end of the valley.  The first thing...the Brown Jay flew in just as we did.  When the Audubon's Oriole finally showed, those were the target birds we wanted to see, we were satisified and left. 

Now it is time for lunch.

This is a good place for lunch, El Taco Rico, right on the main street in Roma.  We all enjoyed the food.

A tradition that we do after our trips is stopping for a blizzard at Dairy Queen.  Umm, so good!!

We did not let the rain stop us from having a good time.

I apologize for few pictures but remember, it was raining!!!!!

Meet our two interns, Annalisa and Allie.

I will sign off with this beautiful, native Turk's Cap.  As the flowers start to come out, you can expect to see more of our native species.  Until next time.....


  1. I bet everyone was thrilled to see that brown jay! Cheryl likes to tell everyone that it's the only one in the USA right now ;-) Sorry that you won't be going back to Moosehorn... but there's always another wonderful adventure out there waiting to happen. Best wishes for wherever you go!

  2. Hey! Ya never took me to the DQ! I might not remember the names of the birds but ice cream I know! Lol

    1. You and Earn come back and I promise I will take you, okay?

  3. Birds, flowers, and ice cream - sounds like a perfect day!