Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Little Canoe Trip

Mark and Joanie planned this little outing, cleared it with the refuge manager and off we went.

We left the refuge at 7:00am and arrived at the launch about 9:00am.  Our launch site was off highway 48 between Brownsville and Port Isabel.  Our goal was to try and find that Mangrove Warbler and to have a good time trying.  Mangroves line both sides of the waterway, and this is its habitat.

This was my rowing buddy, Dave, as Wallace decided to stay back at the refuge and work.  We made a good pair.  Never once did he tell me how to paddle or what I was doing wrong.  Not so in some of the other canoes. he he.

We looked.....

And no avail.

These two American White Pelicans flew right over us.  Some learned a little about oysters and saw their beds.  I even saw one of them spirt!!  We tallied up a total of over 40 species in the two hours we were on the water with the last bird of the trip being the American Oystercatcher.
We returned to load up the canoes just in time.  Karen took my camera to get me in one photo acting like we were helping the guys!!

We found this little place for lunch in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart where we ordered barbeque sandwiches.
A great time was had by one and all.  Even tho' some of us were a little sore the next day.





  1. Looks like everyone had a good time and that's all we can ask for. The headquarters here also offer canoe rides to volunteers after the monthly "Work N Play Day". We did not go last month because it was too cold. May go this Sat. Though. Tthey canoe from here at the refuge on a waterway called Bayou Lacombe, it flows into lake Ponchatrain and after they get to the lake they turn around and come back. Don't know if I will be able to move my arms on Sunday if we go. Funny you should remark about the "instructions" going on in some of the other canoes, our supervisor Byron just said the other day, "If you want to see how well a couple works together you should put them in a canoe together"! Think I remember what he's talking about. I can't help it if Earnest doesn't know how to canoe! Lol

  2. Too bad you didn't see the warbler but it looks like yall had a lot of fun!