Thursday, February 16, 2012

Can You Find Me?

I see you see me?  This little Screech owl lives in this big dead tree here on the refuge.  What a treat.

Up close and personal.

This is when the Spanish Dagger is at its best.  Just poking its bud out.

Stage two.  Same plant.

Up close and personal.  What we won't go through to share these beautiful things as the daggers are just waiting to stick you.  The Spanish Dagger points (thorns) were used long ago as needles.  They took the leaves and beat them exposing material they used as thread.  The flower petals are edible, boiled, but if not properly harvested, the plant will die.

This is a Huisache Tree.  It is the first flowering tree to bloom letting us know, spring is here.  The flowers are very fragrant and perfume can be made with them, they provide a desirable honey, made into an ointment for headaches, and into tea for digestion.  Many animals depend on this native tree to forage as well as for nesting.

These two were perched side by side out at La Gloria wetlands.  The belted on the left and the ringed on the right.  They are kingfishers.  They were both males.  Usually the male is the more colorful bird in the bird species, not so with the Belted Kingfisher.  When the ringed flew, I saw white underwing coverts letting me know the sex.  Sometimes the white "necklace" can be seen which will let one know which sex it is.  The day was overcast so the color is lousy.

Birds and flowers and rain, rain, rain....isn't it WONDERFUL!!!  Until next time.....


  1. Would love to see the screech owl tree!
    Hope we can get down that way soon.

  2. We had baby screech owls in one of our trees T home years ago. Sooooo cool! Azaleas are coming into bloom here and are just beautiful!

    I am headed off to another school tomorrow to give my Endangered Species lesson. So far all of the kids and teachers have been wonderful. Refuge staff is great too. Lovin Louisiana!

  3. Great Pictures! Are they from Santa Ana? If you see Teri Mc. tell her I've been trying to find her blog. Lost all that when my computer crashed last fall.