Monday, August 29, 2016

First Week Thoughts

Things are a little confusing as the volunteer coordinator is gone to take care of her mother. Tricia will be back this week so we will find out what's what. It seems a little overwhelming right now.

Our first week was spent learning the area. It seems like we will be spending our time at the visitor center/ee building at least until Wallace has had his 2 week check up...not our favorite place, but with this heat, it may be the best place. Here he is pressing a button that lights up the floor which shows a  map of the area.

We enjoyed some time on Bullls Island. It was great to be on a beach again. We drove around on an atv experiencing some of the area.

The refuge is made up of islands. It stretches for 22 miles along the coast (66,287 acres).

We live near Awendaw, a small town seen here on the map.

This is Garris Landing. We are in walking distance of this area, just to the left of the picture. This will be handy for Wallace to wet a line as the pier is a great place to fish and crab.

Back to Bulls Island.

This was the first permanent European settlement of South Carolina. On March 17, 1670, they arrived on the ship "Carolina" on their way to establish Charles Charleston. The remaining "Old Fort" was used for protection of pillaging pirates, and the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. What is left is this round base made up of oyster shells.

There are two lighthouses on Lighthouse Island. They remain as historic landmarks only. We have not visited there yet.

This beautiful two story house was used as a hunting lodge, and it with the land was donated to the Fish & Wildlife Service in 1932.

A concessionaire rents it out for $450.00 a weekend with all meals included with the ferry ride thrown in, per person.

The Loggerhead sea turtles nest on the refuge here and they have had a banner year with over 1000 nests.

The maintenance shop is nearby. I haven't counted all the boats yet, but you get some idea of how many. This is the way we reach the island where most of the work goes on.

More later as we learn more about this refuge.

Welcome to our newest follower, Glenda Ramee!!!

Until next time...  


  1. That looks like a beautiful area. Look forward to reading more about it!

  2. I'm just getting caught up... glad to hear that Wally is recovering well. What a scary trip you had! Somehow we missed visiting Cape Romain when we volunteered in SC several years ago... but heard it was quite beautiful. Now I'll get to read your blogs and see what it's like. Again... glad all is well!