Saturday, August 27, 2016


So much has happened on our travels to South Carolina.

It took us a while to get here, but we are now settled and finished our first week. We were not given much time to set up before we were expected to go to work, but much of it was spent getting to know the place...but we are hot and tired!!!

It was hard to leave Horicon, but someone was coming in for the next shift to take our place.

We stopped for a week at the same COE near St. Louis where we stayed going up. We got to relax a bit in our chairs, a gift from Horicon. Things were going fairly well.

Our next stop was at another COE in Tennessee where we have stayed in the past. Wallace had been experiencing some chest pains off and on which began to be more on than off!!!
We finally decided on the day we were going to leave that we had better have things checked out. We went to the hospital in Carthage where they immediately sent him away by ambulance to TriStar Medical Center in Hermitage, about 40 miles away. Divine intervention...a wonderful doctor (Hoda) fixed him up.

He had one artery that was completely plugged where a stint was put in.

Next morning, he was cleared to go home.

I thought I was going to be next. You can not imagine what all this stress did to me!!!

Wallace is now feeling GREAT. We thank the good Lord for His guidance...a great doctor, a great hospital and great nurses. Pretty good for a strange place, not knowing anyone!!! But things like this makes one wonder if it is time to get off the road.

Here we are now. We spent the night in Newberry, S.C. at the, hot, hot, but we survived after a meal at El Poblano at our front door. A short distance of 169 miles more and we reached Garris Landing where we will be until November.

Lots more to tell but it will have to wait...

Until next time...



  1. Yikes you certainly don't need scares like that!!!

  2. Looks like you guys had a long, scary journey. Glad to hear the Wally has bounced back and that you are set up for a while. Looks like a nice place!

  3. Glad you arrived safe. Now pray for no hurricanes.

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  5. So glad Wally is feeling well again. What a test for both of you. We will pray for his health and that you know when it is time for a change. We've done that for half the year but still enjoy traveling 6 months.