Sunday, October 18, 2015


Our good friends, Mark and Teri stopped by to spend a couple of days with us while we were at Sevilleta NWR.

We had not seen each other for three years.

It was great to catch up with them once again.

We went on the short walk, 1.1 mile. We enjoyed the nice weather as we walked and talked about things.

They visited us at Ottawa NWR in Ohio, Moosehorn NWR in Maine, after our 3 month stint at Arapaho NWR in Colorado, and now at Sevilleta.

We got a kick out of this little critter, the one that does a hand stand to raise his rear end up in the air!!!

It is so great to get together with friends.

Sharon and Bill also paid us a visit and took us out to lunch. She had her camera for a photo, but since we were working that day, my camera was not with us.

I guess I did not make it very clear to some...we are back at Attwater Prairie Chicken NWR for our fourth time. It is good to be back among friendly people.

Until next time...

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  1. We sure enjoyed our visit with the two of you and look forward to seeing you again. Hopefully it won't take three years until our next visit!