Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rail Runner

The Rail Runner is this train that starts in Belen and travels to Santa Fe, a total of 91 miles.

There are several stops along the way just long enough to pick people up or let them off.

Our trip started at 6:30am departing from Belen. The round trip costing us only $16.00 for the two of us...senior discount.

We sat in the "Quiet Car." You can see there were very few of us in this car.

With a stop at McDonald's, we were ready for our excursion.

It wasn't long until the conductor made his rounds. You pay him on the train. Our first stop was in Los Lunas, picking up a few more passengers.

This stop was at Isletta Pueblo.

In the background is the bridge that crosses the Rio Grande River. The road is the interstate.

You may be able to see the bison. 

There is the Isletta Casino with a golf course and this rv park close by.

There are shuttle buses free of charge that will take you places. This one will take you to the casino.

This is ABQ. Next time we will take the train and depart here for the day...but today, it is Santa Fe.

Most people on the train are not interested in looking out.

We saw this little hill with the black cone, and this rainbow to the right of it.

Wallace and I conversed about this, and I guess it was a mistake in the "Quiet Car" even though we were talking quietly. Anyway, this long-haired fellow about five seats in front of us turned and said, "You are in the quiet car, thank you." Oh, my, some people are so up tight!!! I asked the conductor when we got off in Santa Fe just what it meant to be in the "quiet car," and his answer was "some people take it seriously...I noticed you were being very quiet." You can be assured we will not sit in the "Quiet Car" again if you can't even have a conversation!!! Right after that incident, a cell phone rang and the fellow behind us had a nice long conversation but the fellow did not say a thing about that. Oh, well.

We sat on the upper deck on the car right behind the engine.

In each car is this big screen that lets you know where you are at each here we are in Santa Fe...time for a walk about.

The shuttle bus picked us up at the station along with several other people. We get off here at the cathedral.

Another beautiful church.

Just a little taste of the architecture inside.

St. Fransis of Assissi with his wildlife. I love the adobe style buildings.

And then there is the Loretto Chapel with its unique staircase appearing to hang from the air. This was our main goal for the day.

It was constructed in 1870 with a design flaw...there was no way to enter the choir loft. There was a Novena made to their patron saint, Saint Joseph the Carpenter. This mysterious carpenter arrived and constructed this staircase using only a saw, a T-square, a hammer and tubs to soak the wood.

The staircase  contains 33 steps in two full 360 degree turns. It has no center support...the full weight rested on its final tread!!!

The side railings were added later as well as some other supports because of heavy use later on.

Upon his completion of the stairway, the carpenter disappeared without seeking any payment...truly remarkable!!!

San Miguel Chapel, one of the oldest religious buildings in the United States was originally built in 1636.

Notice the open bell tower with a cross at the top.

The fine statues and a high altar are from 1798. By clicking on the picture, it will enlarge for you.

And just down the road is the oldest house in Santa Fe. You can actually see the straw in the walls.

You must take a break at the Plaza, a market square built by the Spaniards where the Santa Fe Trail ended. The photo to your right is the first Capitol building now called the Palace of the Governors, built in 1610. It is now a museum.

Under the portico, Native American traders offer local arts and crafts for sale.

I was tempted to purchase some of those beautiful silver bangles, but at $60.00 a piece I would want more than just one!!!

Lunch was at Casa Chimayo where we enjoyed New Mexican food with those famous chilies.

All of this was in walking distance.

We had an enjoyable time with a nice train ride and time seeing a little more of Santa Fe.

We welcome our newest follower, Nathan and Phyllis!!!

Until next time...


  1. Bill & I have taken that same RR trip... loved it then and loved it again through your photos!

  2. Maybe you had better learn sign language before your next ride. :)

  3. We've never ridden a train to actually go somewhere. It looks like a nice way to travel. Except for that whole "You are in a quiet car..." business!

  4. It was a fun ride until the very rude person interrupted it.