Tuesday, June 2, 2015

North Dakota

The state sign as we enter North Dakota on May 28, 2015.

We always stop at the welcome center to pick up information of the area we will be staying in to plan things we want to see and do while there.

The silt left by this lake is responsible for the fertility of the valley called the Red River Valley. The soil is black!!!

North Dakota became a state November 2, 1889 making it the 39th state.

Welcome to Devils Lake!!!

We were met by these Bison as we pulled into our site. The refuge keeps 22 Bison and the herd is culled to keep them at that number. Right now, we have 5 calves to add to the number.

I managed to capture two of the calves together. We noticed the 5th one yesterday.

Do you notice what I noticed about this road sign?

This is a view from the parking lot at the Spirit Lake Casino about 5 miles from where we live. We only go there to eat...senior special, $5.00 each. The drive is beautiful as it snakes around Devils Lake to reach Sullys Hill. Did I mention, the lake is the largest natural lake in North Dakota where giant walleye are caught. We will eventually wet a hook. We are on an Indian reservation, the Dakota Sioux.

We have a prairie dog town...they are always entertaining.

There is always a chance of seeing the elk herd on the four mile  
auto tour road. There are eleven of them...we saw a bull with a small rack.

A new species for us...prairie smoke.

Until next time...

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