Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Few Tasks

We have a list of things to get accomplished while we are here at Sullys Hill. Following are the ones we chose to do today.

This overlook is shaky. We took 4 2X4's and other tools to fix it.

We should have taken some rope to tie off to as the bank is steep!!!

We discovered one of the main 4X4's was not very deep in the ground.

So, down the hill we go with supplies in hand, trying not to slip down the slope as we take care to keep away from the poison ivy.

We brace all the areas we think needs it.

Cut the brace at a 45 degree angle and screw it into place.

We went all the way around the base of the overlook, then trekked up to the top to check it out.

I struggled as I picked up trash, holding onto a small woody tree to keep from sliding down into the lake below.

All part of the job.

Next was a trip to Lake Alice to work on signs.

Colleen asked if we could take down the plexiglass from in front of the signs, move them to the back, then wash and wax the signs down.

Wallace is removing the frame.

We have a bucket of water to wash the signs, then I begin to wax them.

I think this is a great idea...had never done this before...using a marine type wax on the signs. 

All kinds of c___! gets behind that plexiglass including moisture. This way, we can keep it clean.

One caption I saw while in school, and I will never forget..."put on the finishing touch after a job."

We took a broom along with us. After taking down all the spider webs, the concrete pad got swept.

Moving right along. The cable that held the backdrop for the archery needed repairing.

Our work truck served as a ladder.

This concludes some of the tasks this week.

Colleen shared her secret stash of asparagus...the area where you can find it.

We had checked several times without luck, but today...there it was!!!

Until next time...


  1. You can't get your asparagus any fresher than that! Glad to see you didn't fall in the lake.

  2. Kirk was standing over my shoulder as I was reading this.... he said "it doesn't look like they are bothered with bugs there"..... hmmmm......

    1. No, no bugs!!! There are a few wood ticks though. Say hi to Kirk for us.