Sunday, May 10, 2015

Migratory Bird Day

This is our visitor center at Sully's Hill NGP.  

There are 22 Bison and 11 elk on the refuge.  These Bison were feeding right in front of where we are living.  We have seen 8 elk. The elk herd is having a problem with winter ticks.

The fliers we distributed around town were fliers inviting people out for Migratory Bird Day which was held on Saturday.  The weather turned cold and windy, so the turnout was small.

We had several games and activities set up, but the wagon ride seemed to be very popular.  Wallace got to drive them around on the tour route while I helped at the table with "Birding with Binoculars game."  I think somebody said we had a total of 40 visitor's.

Hope you were able to get out and participate in birding.

Until next time...


  1. Forty's not bad for a blustery day. That wagon ride looks like fun.... reminds me of the time we took a night wagon ride in SC.... one of the visitors told us where all the good places were to spot deer. Hmmmm.... wonder how he knew?

  2. Would love seeing the bison and the elk! Trees still look pretty bare though, guessing you still have a bit of cool weather ahead of you. :)

  3. Always a bummer to get ready for an event and have the weather keep folks away. At least you had the 40 folks show up!