Saturday, May 2, 2015

1 Down, 14 to go

weeks, that is, here at Sully's Hill NGP.  We arrived and went right to work.  Orientation, driving around town, putting up fliers for an event coming up, participating in an EE program.

This is half the group.  There are two classrooms in the visitor center for teachers to use.  Notice the duck stamp drawings in the background.  

First, off on a wagon ride as we identify birds.  These kids learn 10 birds a week.

After birding, we disembark the wagon and climb the hill where we check the wind speed (30 mph) and talk about prescribed burns.


The recently burned area, behind the kids is where the firefighters talk about controlled burns.

It is now lunchtime, the kids leave.  After lunch, we are sent to Lake Alice NWR (another one in the complex).

Lake Alice is where the old headquarters was once located.  Only the quonset hut is left, and it is full of STUFF.  We were there to see if we could find a cabinet.  More on that later.

Saturday, a four hour day, we started cleaning and organizing the YCC building.

The open space held two kayaks which we moved to another building.  I will show the final shot when we finish.

Colleen had these straps for us to hang the two other kayaks.  Now all 10 kayaks are together in the same building.  WHEW!!!  We are now free to wash all our dirty laundry.

We have only one washer and dryer to be shared with 5 other people, and it is in their bunkhouse.  That, along with our assigned day to wash...not convenient!!!  

The water here is yellow...sulfur.  Looks like we will be buying our drinking water and spending time at a laundromat.

I woke this morning at 6:00 am to go on a bird walk here at the refuge...I should have stayed in bed.  Nice day, but it turned out to be more of a social event.  Some did not even have binoculars and chatted the whole time!!!

Wallace has found four crawling wood ticks on his person.

Other than that...we like our location where we are situated for the next 14 weeks.  The trees are just now leafing is going to be pretty in the next week or so.

Until next time...


  1. With yellow water, I think I'd be using a laundromat too. I'm a little surprised they don't provide decent drinking water.

  2. We've been to Lake Alice.... forgot about that place. As for water, Bill & I have bought drinking water for many years now... it's less than a dollar a gallon at Walmart.... cheap enough. I know I've lowered my laundry standards since being on the road, but the trade off for all the other benefits have been worth it... (great birds, great scenery and quality of life)... hope the next 14 weeks do you good.

  3. We had to deal with ticks when we were in Arkansas several years ago. Yuk, yuk,yuk

  4. We always deal...somehow things always seem to work out.

  5. Sounds like you started off running. We hope to be to Camas NWR by Wed. Enjoying the sites along the way.

  6. Sounds like some good and some bad, just like most places!! I think that we got spoiled at Santa Ana because the visitors for the most part were hard-core birders. We've found at most other places (including our recent stint in the Florida Keys) that most folks just want a pleasant outdoor walk with a leader so they don't get lost. We too had a lot of guests without binoculars, but they really liked looking though the spotting scope...