Thursday, March 26, 2015

Raising the Roof

There is this old well house that has a rotten roof.

Today, we worked on removing it.  This was our big project for the week.

It was not our regular working day...but Wallace was eager to help.
Ferris Calderon is on the scaffolding...they were attaching the chains, prepping it for Darrell who was on his way with the excavator.

This is Darrell...he can do anything!!!  I told him, he is our favorite supervisor, and we have had many.  He makes our work FUN. We laugh alot!!!  He is pretty amazing and we are learning a lot from him.

Darrell is loading the roof onto the dump truck to be carried off.

Here is the well house with the roof raised.

Here inside are the new pressure tanks.  A few of the blocks came off with the roof.  We mixed up some concrete, mortared those in place, then added concrete in the blocks to set the anchors to hold the new metal roof in place.

The yellow base was painted after the purlings were welded together, then Darrell placed it while the guys maneuvered it in fit like a glove!!!

Darrell keeps us ladies busy too.  Here I am securing the conduit to the walls.  Jenny and I would take turns...we later found out why it was taking so long to drill the hole in the block...the bits were worn out!!!  We learned a lesson that day...look for the little flairs on the tip.  We got a good laugh out of that.

I enjoy being Darrell's helper.

The way the top looks.

All we need to do now is insulate it...plugging all the little holes to keep all the little varmints out.

Until next time...


  1. Your duties sure beat sitting in a VC all day!

  2. You sure are Jacks (Jills?) of all trades! What a job!

  3. That looks like a job that would be really fun to be part of. Glad you could help.

  4. Looks like a good job. Completely agree on worn out bits. I wish they'd throw them away, but they seem to still have every drill bit that they ever owned, dull or not!!