Monday, March 23, 2015

Crotchity While Crocheting

While it has been raining so much, I had time for some crocheting.

This turned into this.

Now, only six more to go, but first I have to finish it off.

All six are now finished (with a lot of crotchitiness).  I griped...alot.
Now I need to buy a Shaker box and ribbons to make the container for the six coasters to be stored gets glued to the top of the box...7 in all!!!  Did I say it has been raining A LOT?

One more to show you that I finished yesterday.

This one is called the fanciful fans...dang, what a challenge!!!  I taught myself how to crochet...I have ripped out soooo many times.

I opened my Bible to Psalms, and this was where it opened to. The message once again touched my heart.  Thought it only fitting to use as the background.

This is our front yard here at the refuge...a BIG front yard.  I just got it mowed...the wildflowers at starting to come up.  You can see the threatening skies.

The last two days have been rain free.  I have put away the needle and is time to get out and about.

Will close with last nights sunset...finally a sunset!!!


  1. Very pretty. I like the pink bible book mark. We have just a couple days left to work. At least it is drying out some.

  2. I was thinking about you as I was making that one...It's yours when we see you again. I still have the one you gave me!!!

    1. I look forward to it. It is lovely. We will be heading north in a couple of days with our summer volunteer job in Idaho at Camas NWR.

  3. Beautiful crochet work! I find crocheting is the perfect way to spend a rainy day (or any day for that matter).

  4. Lovely work.... I'm a knitter and with all this rain we've had that's what I've been doing. Gorgeous sunset!!!

  5. Really pretty work. I never learned to crochet, but my grandmother did it. She crocheted clothes for some of my dolls. Hope the rain stays away for a while.

  6. I look forward to it. It is lovely. We are in Idaho beginning beginning of May.