Saturday, August 30, 2014

Open House

We moved into the new office June thing to do was open house.  We have been planning it for some time and it finally came to fruition.

Bill Kolodnicki, project leader, gave the welcoming.  In attendance were two state representatives, the mayor of Calais and a rep from Homeland Security.  There were about 40 people for the ribbon cutting that started at 2:00 pm, with others coming and going throughout the evening.  It ended at 7:00 pm.

The refreshments were laid out on the conference room table...the picture was taken before the fruit bowl and punch were put out.

We had a video of the building while it was being built projected on the screen.

I arranged two vases of flowers for the table and reception desk, and prepared my favorite punch of lime sherbet and 7 up (which was a big hit).

With our limited budget, the black-eyed Susans came from the refuge.

The building is geothermal and supported by a solar system, with a back up generator in the event of emergencies.

The cake was delicious.  The photo is actually the back of the office.

Several of us bought or made the desserts.  I baked peanut butter crisscrosses.

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