Saturday, August 23, 2014

Catching Up

Wallace was asked to rout these signs for the entry and this was the design they asked for from the sign committee.

We now have a one way road taking you to the new office building.

It will take a while before people get the hang of it.

Straight on takes you to the visitor cabin.

I filled in at the office while Peg was out on vacation.

The phone system is much better in the new office, but it took a while to get all the bugs worked out.

I arranged and hung the collage and photos on the wall.

I baked these peanut butter crisscrosses for the staff meeting.  I have baked oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip as well.  Chocolate chip has been their favorite.

With blueberry season in full force, we have been enjoying pies too.

It sure is nice to have a man around the house. He has chain saw cert. Anyway, we came across this on our way to monitor wildlife. It did not take long and we were on our way.

We have several of these scattered around to help us keep up with visitation. Look who visited and signed in. Jimmy Houston. He has a fishing show on TV & we have watched his show.  Pretty neat!!!

We monitor water levels once a week giving us the opportunity to be out on the refuge. We let the biologist know what the levels are and let them know when there is beaver activity.

We also note any and all wildlife we see.

This deer with her fawn have been seen regularly around the refuge.

It was nice of them to pose for this photo near the blue goose sign.

This is a picture taken at Acadia National Park...Thunder Hole. For some reason we did not stop here on our previous visit, so, since we had some extra time before our departure for Petit Manan (the tour from our previous blog) we decided to check it out.  It was low tide so it did not THUNDER very loudly.

But, now we can say we have seen all we want to see of Acadia.

Bill had picked up two of these display cases and asked us to put them together...we found only one was complete and in working order.

We hauled those cases to three different places before we found a place high enough to put them up.

Wallace got to take the mower out for the day.

I'm still mowing with the little John Deere.

We were asked to be on the look out for purple loosestrife. We found the first clump that has been on the refuge since we have been coming...7 years.

It has now been eradicated.

While out doing our water readings, we happened upon this northern water snake.

This is me with Bill. The refuge had a booth at the Blueberry Festival again and we helped tend the booth.

We snapped this picture on Charlotte Road as we were returning to the refuge. He was intent on chowing down on some berries and paid us no mind.

The new office building. 

We are getting ready for open house on the 28th...come by and see us!!!

My little blue spotted salamander friend. It lives near our visitor cabin. Be sure your hands are free of anything that could kill things you pick up, including insect repellent.

Until next time...

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