Saturday, August 10, 2013

Festivities...Day 3

Group shot at the visitor cabin here at Moosehorn, day three, then a tour of the refuge.  After the tour, we ladies wanted to do a little shopping, so I took them to my favorite shop, Knock on Wood, while the men remained behind.  Hum, I wonder what they did!!! 

Next was a quick tour of the visitor center in Calais.  Upon leaving, this resounding baritone voice singing "She's The Yellow Rose of Texas" was coming from somewhere...right in the middle of town! I knew it was Bill Kolodnicki, project leader of Moosehorn NWR, but where was he?  He was standing on the hill behind a bush just in front of where we were, singing for all he was worth.  He sings that often when we meet and he has a glorious, beautiful voice.

Just across the St. Croix River from the visitor center in Calais, you can see this, the Ganong candy store in St. Stephens. Back into Canada to get some of that wonderful chocolate candy.

Just down the road from Calais is the St. Croix International Historic Site, the first French settlement in America in 1604.

There are several life size bronze statues spaced along the trail with interp panels.  Here is Travis posing with a Passamaquoddy native statue.  The French were met by the friendly tribe when they arrived on the island.

Then on to Eastport, Maine where we took them on the tour of how Ray's Mustard is made.  It is stone ground using cold spring water without cooking.  They have about 27 flavors of mustard.

Our favorite restaurant in Eastport is the Chowder House and since it is now time for lunch, this is where we go.  We had seafood chowder, really, really good, and I had the lobster stew.  

Our view from the window.  That is the ferry that leaves Eastport to Deer and Campobello Islands.

A stroll on Main Street (the Historic District)...the bakery was closed!!!  Just as well as this was waiting for us back at the rig.

Blueberry pie with vanilla ice cream.

Here are the berries Wallace picked for the pie.  Visitors at the refuge can hand pick two quarts per person a day.  We always have plenty of blueberries when we leave. They freeze well.

We had a fun-filled three days with relatives and friends.  They made it home safely, and I just talked with Deanna.  She  was wishing they were back here in Maine as the temperature is 107!!!

See y'all in New Orleans next.

Until next time...


  1. Are you guys headed to SELANWR (Big Branch, etc.) next? Have Susie (volunteer) show you around New Orleans. She knows all the great spots to go touristing and all the good places to eat too! Enjoy yourselves and say Hello to everyone for us!

    1. Yes Penny, that's where we are headed next. Is Susie the one who has been going there for many years? Good to hear from you again...and I see where y'all are going back to the keys.

    2. Susie is a Friends volunteer. She does a little bit of everything but when I was there she was involved in the VC store a lot. She is also a master gardener and was getting the butterfly garden going . She is a life long New Oleans's person and is very open, freindly, and wants people to enjoy her little area of the world! She packed so much into our tour that my head was spinning! A real fun girl! I think the couple that have been going there for a long time are Bob and Sharon. They are awesome people too! Very nice and friendly. I know you will love it there! If Bill (another friends volunteer) is still there get him to boil you some crawfish! I never thought I would eat them but they were really good!

      Yes, we are gonna go back to Big Pine Key again this year. I said I would do two years but after this year we have to move on. Don't want to stay in one place too long. Are you guys headed back to Texas for the winter?

  2. I don't remember Raye's Mustard or the candy store! I guess we're going to have to get back there one of these days.

  3. Hearing Bill sing to you right in town must have given you a start.... too funny!