Monday, August 12, 2013

Beaver Trapping

Bill thought we should get this on our resume! Wallace went out with the intern to learn how. Then we were put in charge of doing the job. There are two types of traps, one being easier than the other.  The one he is setting is called the clam type, and it will snap shut on you if you're not careful!!!  They think all the beavers have been trapped here...we shall see.

I'm standing on one side while Wallace is getting it latched on the other side.

A nice bundle of fresh aspen twigs ready for baiting.  Then we smear some scent and wire the bundle on the cage just above the pedal.  Snap...we got it!!!  Doesn't it look tasty?

The next morning, we check the traps and lo and behold, we got the granddaddy.  This fella is huge.  The traps are not submerged, so they don't drown.  Now, maybe this is the last one!!!

Ain't he cute?  We had to tie the trap shut because he was so strong he almost escaped twice.

The cage itself is pretty substantial. When you add another 35 pounds of beaver, it gets heavy!
With Wallace's ingenuity, he made it back up the incline to the truck.

This is the area two years ago that shows the havoc those beaver cause.  The road was completely washed out.  Now a lot of money is being spent to repair it.

We released him in an area where it did not matter.

It didn't take him long to find the water and he was on his merry way!!!

Another project we were assigned.

Wallace built five of these to be placed at trailheads on the refuge. After painting, we placed forms and pencils inside for them to sign with how many in their party...and any comments they have.

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  1. Like I said on Mike and Terry's blog, I really enjoy reading about the tasks other NWR volunteers do. That beaver trapping is sure interesting.

  2. you guys do such interesting jobs... some day we will be allowed to do them too. right now we are still clearing trails!