Monday, July 15, 2013

Cape Breton Island...

and the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia was our planned destination on our days off this week.  Our goal was to drive the trail, camp out, enjoy the scenery, food and music of the area.

We left at 5:00 am with an easy crossing from Calais.  I will say now, it was a ten hour drive.

Our first stop was at an Irvings where we ate breakfast and topped off the tank ($1.37 a can do the math).  Expensive!!! This is when we discovered we needed to notify our bank in order to use the debit card in Canada.  Not a problem.

Notice the flag of Nova Scotia.  To get here, you drive through New Brunswick first.  We are now at the visitor center in Amherst.

This fellow who helped us at the desk was kind enough to step over for his picture.  He played the bagpipes earlier for the visitors. The colors of the tartan.
Black: for the wealth of our coal miners.  Grey: for our Cape Breton steel.  Green: for our lofty mountains, our valleys and our fields.  Gold: for the golden sunsets, shining bright on the lakes of the Bras d' Or, to show God's hand lingered to bless Cape Breton's shores.  

We stopped for lunch in Antigonish. We just happened upon the university where we were entertained with the music of the bagpipe.

To get to the island, we crossed over the Straight of Canso via the rock causeway you can see in the distance.

WE MADE IT!!!  It is now about 2:30 pm. We make a brief stop at the visitor center for more information.  While there, I had a lady approach me and ask if I would say something. I was taken aback.  She loved my accent she said.  We had a nice visit.

This is the Provincial Park where we spent our first night in our tent.  The washrooms were world class...very tidy and clean.  It is located near the Bras d' Or Lake.  It is pronounced Bra Door.

We got it all set up and the last thing to do was air up the mattress. Oopsie daisy...the hose to our pump was not in the box!  Oh no, it's 4:00 pm.  We finally found a pump in the town of Baddeck we think will work. Hooray!!! Our little suite.

We fell in love with this little town.  First, they were able to help us out by having a pump that worked.  Just across the street was this wonderful little bakery/cafe.

It is the Highwheeler Cafe and Bakery.  We were told by Bill, about oatcakes and had to try them.  We purchased a bag of six for $4.95. They are wonderful.

The next morning, we went back to have breakfast and buy 7 more bags of those oatcakes.  Bill has asked us to speak at the Rotary Club Wednesday, so these are to share with the group afterwards.  Bill also has a bag coming.

This is what the oatcakes look like.  A bag of six squares.  Does Wallace look pleased?  He really felt bad about not checking out that pump before we left, but this picture was taken after we bought another pump.  $$$$.  We really lucked out...a pump that saved the trip and OATCAKES.

That morning, we had the delight of meeting the owner.  He has been in business for 18 years.
As we left, Wallace wished him success in his business...we all had a good laugh.  My breakfast sandwich was made with porridge bread.  Everything was excellent...even the coffee.  From 1 to 10, this place rates a 10.  We ate our breakfast while visiting with folks from PEI.  They noticed our license plates which always starts a conversation.

Come back for part II later.

Until next time...


  1. It's been a few years since we've been in Nova Scotia... I'm looking forward to Part II

  2. very cool, I almost went for my master's in Halifax...

  3. We stayed in Baddeck when we traveled to Cape Breton several years ago. That was our favorite part of the trip through the Maritime Provinces. Hope each day was as great as what you have told us about so far.

  4. Oat Cakes and Porridge Bread. You're not in Texas anymore!!


  5. loved your post. . .I just got through saying the same thing on my blog post. . .our Texas plates get us lots of attention when we are this far from home. . .currently in Maine. . .