Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Morning on the Water


This is the way we spent our 4th festivities out on the water at Bearce Lake inside the wilderness area here at Moosehorn NWR.

All loaded up and ready to roll!!!

Paddling around this little island, so picturesque. 

Bill Kolodnicki, refuge manager, suggested we go out and look for the Rose Pagonia, a member of the orchid family, and find we did.  We also found Calopogon, or Grass Pink, another orchid.  Their habitat is sphagnum fens or bogs.

They don't show up in this photo, and not one of my close ups were good.  There is a Pitcher Plant in the center of the picture that has gone by and all the pink spots are the orchids...there were MANY of them.  The flowers are quite small.  Now if I can only find a Fairy Slipper...(cedar swamps).

I was hoping to see a baby on the back of this Common Loon, but no such luck...did see one at Vose Pond...too far off for a photo.

A day to go barefooted.  Notice the little bare feet on my toe ring.  I love to go barefooted.  My mamas pet name for me was Barefoot Annie as Ann is my middle name.

What a wonderful day to be out on the mixed in with exercise.

Until next time...

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  1. Looks like fun, but, frankly, I think you have it all wrong.... I'd have taken ONE canoe and let Bill do all the paddling ;-) (cute toe ring)