Sunday, May 12, 2013


Do we leave today?  Where do we go next?  Where do we stay for the night?

Our route changed when we decided to turn north into Kentucky.  Since then, we have been battling the weather, and pondering these other decisions.

This Blackpoll Warbler looked like he was pondering as well.

We left on the 6th, a window of opportunity, and headed east toward Lexington, Kentucky.  With GPS in hand, I still have to have my trusty old paper map.  

From I 64, we turned onto I 79 to Burnsville, West Virginia, with plans to stay at another COE park on the lake.  The rain caught up with us again, AND that park was not acceptable to us.  Hark!  There is a Walmart in Weston, just up the road.  We had a very nice, rainy night there.  We drove in the rain...again!

On the 8th, we turned east onto I 68 through Maryland, then north onto I 70 to Huntingdon, Pa.  South of Huntingdon is yet another COE park (electricity only) where we got a shower and shampoo.  We stayed one night and drove in the rain...again!

On the 9th, we stayed at a Walmart in East Stroudsberg Pa., just so we could drive the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. What a disappointment!  We had passed up this opportunity in the past...should have again.  In the rain again!

But God's promise in the sky...He would not destroy the earth with a flood again.  A beautiful double complete rainbow...I could not capture the full rainbow, and the second one hardly shows in this photo.  By the way...we drove in the rain again!

Until next time...


  1. Hang in there! It has got to stop raining at some point, right. I mean, it's got to!!


  2. We're actually getting some rain down here in SW Texas... and thunderstorms! But of course, here, it's welcome. We've traveled some of your route... it's such beautiful countryside!