Friday, March 22, 2013



Our first stop at the state park was at the very nice visitor center where a  lady volunteer told us things to do during our visit.

We walked the trail to Independence Hall where the Texans met to make a formal declaration of independence from Mexico and the government of the Republic of Texas was created.

We were a sovereign nation for 10 years!!!

A trail with interpretive panels took us down to an overlook of the Brazos River while we waited for the guide at the hall.  We sat at the table while we listened to the history of those days, a refresher course for us.

Next was the Star of the Republic Museum.  The building's architecture is in the shape of a star on the first floor.

Then off to Barrington Living History Farm, home of the last president of the republic, Dr. Anson Jones.  There were costumed guides doing things much like the people on the original farm.

The house is the original structure which was built in 1844 and has been moved to it's current location.

All three places are in walking distance with a $9.00 per person fee.

The reason the delegates met in Washington was because this building was the only building big enough for all 59 delegates to hold their meeting.  Sam Houston was at that meeting and later became our first president of the republic.

Guess where our next stop was...

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  1. I had to Google to find that Washington isn't far from Houston... are you heading for Santa Ana... or maybe your son's place?