Monday, March 25, 2013

Our Fellow Volunteers

Karen and Danny, along with Darrell Peterson, maintenance man, who we have been working with here at the refuge.

They play this little game, that's why they are in the backseat.  The last one in (rotten egg) tee hee, gets to be the driver.  Danny is the jokester who keeps us laughing.

Karen is in the  loader while Danny is in the excavator.  They are removing some of the brush piles from the field we plowed last week.  I was mowing when I took this picture of the two of them at work.

Karen posing in the loader

In a telephone conversation with John Magera, prior to us coming here, he asked Wallace if I would be interested in heavy equipment operation.  Little did he know!!!  We feel anything we can learn to help refuges, we are interested in becoming certified to do.  Darrell is certified to certify.  We took and passed the USFWS Heavy Equipment Pre-Class Online Training Course.  We will also become certified to operate a skid steer, loader, and excavator.

Danny asked me one day if when I was a little girl if I dreamed of becoming a princess or a heavy equipment operator.  I thought that was really funny!!!

This is some of Danny's humor.  Wallace should have three marks as I pulled him out one other time.  They could not stand it that I had none, so they set me I have FAR!!!

One day as we loaded up to go into town for lunch and to purchase items, we happened on this.

That lady and our project leader, Terry (on the far right), was trying to load this abandoned horse into that horse trailer.  It had been dumped onto refuge property!!!  Darrell immediately jumped out and took charge as they would never have gotten that horse into the trailer by themselves.  Darrell had to literally pick it up by the back leg!!!  Why people dump animals...I will never understand.

Have I said, we are really enjoying our time at this refuge?

Until next time...


  1. I've been trying to figure out which refuge you are at. Can you tell us?

    I'd sure like to try driving some of that big equipment.

  2. I've been wondering where you're at also.... guess I got confused when you posted that you were somewhere near Houston? But it didn't sound right that you'd be heading for Maine in April? I bet you can get us all straightened out.

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