Saturday, October 20, 2012

Bison Roundup

It's that time again.  Rounding up the bison, preparing them for the annual sale October 25th.  There will be 120 to auction off.  In this picture, they have been herded into this holding pen. Then, one by one, they are led down a narrow chute to where the action begins.

Big boy is waiting his turn.

He is led down a narrower chute where the canopy is located.

Gates are slammed shut at this point.  The big paddles rattle and are used to help guide him into this chute where he is consoled until the next step.

Now he is in the squeeze chute.  The fellow on the left operates the machine to fit the size of the bison.  It confines him so the next steps can be performed.  The SCA student has pulled hair making sure she has roots for DNA.  When you are on the ground floor, you realize how powerful these animals are because there is a thunderous shaking going on inside that chute.

Blood is now drawn...

and will be checked for diseases.

Now he is being checked to see if he already has a chip...if not, one is placed in his neck.


This is the size of the chip.  Now he has a number.

This one is being fitted with a radio collar.

Project Leader,  Tony Booth
Deputy Refuge Manager,  Ralph Bryant

All hands were on deck...even these guys participated.  

We were sent down to take photos of the event.  Next is the auction and more coverage of that event to come.

Until next time...


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  1. The buffalo roundup sounds like fun... but that GIS training sounds terrific! I'm like you.... prefer to be outside... but if I had a chance to learn GIS I'd jump on it in a heartbeat! Hope it continues to go well for you!