Saturday, September 15, 2012

Repeat Performance

We have arrived back at Wichita Mountains NWR on the 8th of September.  We backed into our original spot in the "Volunteer Village."  All four spots have a rig parked on the pad.  We now have neighbors.

Leaving Colorado Springs, we overnighted at Wal-Mart and made it  here the next day.  Saturday, we checked in at the visitor center to pick up our keys and see some of the people we met and worked with in May.  We were given these windbreakers, and Joe set us up with this vehicle for our use.

You can go back to our blog for May to see who Joe is, and review some of the things that went on during that time.  We worked for the visitor center we will be working at headquarters under the supervision of BEA, the GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and computer whiz, to create a birding map for the refuge.  The desire of Susan, supervisor of visitor services, is to create this birding map for beginner birders.  These last few days, we have been going out to different areas on the refuge seeing what birds can be seen during the fall season.  Birding has not been a priority on this refuge...we are hoping to get it started.  There are some great birding opportunities here.

Since we will be working on government computers, we had to take the FISSA (Federal Information Systems Security Awareness) test  again (yearly).  So, Friday, we sat down for that test.  We passed it with flying colors on the first try and received our certificates.

In between those tasks, Wallace replaced the water valve on our toilet because of a leak.  After three trips to the east side of Lawton, first time they told us they had the part (NOT), the second time Wallace got the wrong part and the third trip was a winner.  He installed it Friday afternoon.  All is well.

So, we are back here for a couple of months before we head back to the Rio Grande Valley for a nice visit with the grandchildren, son, daughter-in-law and many other friends and kin.  While here we will be enjoying the bugling elk, the yipping of the coyotes and the many turkey that travel near and through our yard.

Until next time...


  1. That sounds like a great job and a great way to see the refuge.

  2. I've read where the water valves on our toilets have given a few folks some problems. Did it run over??

    That baby turkey looks just like (a miniature) mama!!