Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bugling Elk Tour

As I mentioned in the last post, we have been hearing  the bugle of the it is time to go out on the tour the Friends of the Wichita lead in September.  This refuge has a large friends group who are very active with a total of 200 members.  They do a lot for the refuge.

This is our mode of transportation...with a capacity of 35 and it was filled.  The tours are very popular!

We all gather around to get an introduction from our guide.

This is Orville, our guide talking about the elk antlers (6X6).  He is a Native American (Sioux) and very knowledgeable.  We were very glad to make his acquaintance, a very nice fellow.

This is our first stop on the route.

Orville making his call, and the elk responded.  

This was our closet observation.  I saw this one and immediately called out "elk on the right" as others joined in the fracas.  He was in one of the small ponds close to the road and you can see he was up to his haunches.  This picture was taken out of the window...ugh.

We saw a lot of elk from a distance and heard many bugling.  We also were given information about the refuge.

I will leave you with a view of Grama Lake named for a grass that grows on the refuge.  It lies within the special use area of the refuge and that is the area the tour takes.  It is an 18 mile tour, and well worth the trip.

Until next time...


  1. Very nice shot... who cares if it's from a window! What a neat sound that must be... interesting that they'll answer another call (even if it "man-made").

  2. The elk bugle is unusual, isn't it? Sounds more like a mechanical sound to me. We used to live just west of Rocky Mountain National Park and would go to the park to hear the elk bugle in the fall. Really special.

  3. I love to hear that puny sound! You would think for such big boys they could really belt out a deep, roaring, rumble.