Sunday, August 26, 2012

Snow in August???

Not falling from the sky though...

This "snow" lands everywhere and makes a mess!!!

We have one more week left here at Arapaho and this is what we have been asked to do.  Finish up labeling in the maintenance shop.

Ann Timberman, project leader, said this was the priority and just when we thought we were through, more requests came in (Ann is away) from others.  Sixteen unit signs...

These actually were the easier ones to rout as you only had to change one letter.  Those smaller signs were very time consuming.  At these refuges, you don't always have the necessary work areas that make the jobs easier, but you make do with what you have.

And five signs for lakes at Hutton Lake NWR in Wyoming.

Wallace's nose was to the grindstone!  We finally worked out a system to get all this accomplished.  He could just sit and rout and I could do the rest!!!  I used the drill press to make the holes to secure the signs.

I used the Bosch Dual Bevel Mitre saw to cut the signs.  I fetched the letters and put them back when he was through with them.  I swept and swept and swept.  You get the picture...I was on my feet all day, but we are now finished.

We made 38 signs for the shop, 3 signs for the oil house, 5 signs for the lakes and 16 unit signs.  A total of 62 signs.

Now someone needs to paint all those cabinets in the shop!!!

That my friends was our work week.

Our plans after leaving here is to spend some time in Colorado Springs, staying at Cheyenne Mountains State Park, Colorado's newest state park.  That is probably where our next blog will be from.

Until next time...


  1. It looks like you are finishing with a bang!! That looks like a project that will hold up for many years to come.

    We'll see you soon


  2. A good project. Did you know how to use the drill press before? I have always enjoyed learning to use new tools at our volunteer spots.

  3. Learning new things has always been a highlight to me. No, I had never used a drill press before.