Saturday, August 4, 2012

Frolicking Along The Fence

Our assignment today was to take us to Hutton Lake in Wyoming to replace boundary signs and add no hunting signs around the entire refuge boundary of 1,968 acres---elevation 7,150'.  There are 5 lakes on this refuge that provide resting and feeding areas for migrating waterfowl.

After loading up 3 ATV'S (one was already there), we headed out and arrived at our destination about 11:30 am.  Along with Kurt and Virginia, we made a plan to start at the entry of the property and split up with one couple going one way and the other couple going in the opposite direction.  We ate our sack lunch first, and were then on our way.

Notice we have all the PPE on.  Approved  helmet, long sleeved shirt, approved goggles, full fingered gloves, boots with heels, over the ankles, and long pants.  With our signs and tools evenly distributed, we are now ready and rarin' to go.

You can see why these signs need to be replaced.  Not only faded, but some idiots love to use them for target practice.  Some of the signs have not been replaced in so long, the nuts and bolts are rusted takes some muscle to get them off.

This is Rush Lake.  We tried to follow the fence line but the slope of the land was too much.  Then we decided to go through private property to get to the next sign, but that lead to a dead end anyway, so we turned around and decided to walk to the sign.  We posted that sign, and then drove around the lake to continue the fence line.  

This was started on Tuesday...on Wednesday we had a safety meeting back at headquarters, then went back to this area to finish up on Thursday.  We left the ATV'S in the shed at the lake so we were able to get an earlier start on Thursday.  We are happy to report the job was accomplished.

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  1. What interesting jobs you have there.... what a diversity! Hey... you might be hearing from Maurey... I gave him your blog address the other day. Always love reading your blogs!

  2. another tough work day I see...

  3. Love to see those Colorado skies. Looks like a fun assignment--if you have strong hands, at least.