Friday, April 27, 2012

Time in Chanute, Kansas

We came to Chanute, Kansas to have some things fixed in our rig.  They have "fixed" things and all is well.  Chanute is home to Nu-Wa Hitchhiker.  There is a city park where you can stay free for the first two days, then $10.00 a day thereafter for up to ten days with water, electric, and a dump station.  It is near the factory.

It seemed to be a Hitchhiker rally!!!  These rigs are made for fulltimers.  You can take a tour of the place to see how they are made.  They take trade ins and you can buy direct or place your order to be picked up later.

While they had the rig, we took a tour of the downtown.

The old buildings are of particular interest to me.

The historic 1929 Tioga Hotel.  It is one of the first fireproof buildings in the state of Kansas.  It is listed on the National Historic Register.  The next few shots are of this building showing some architectural details.

This old hotel has housed many a people in its day and still houses guests today.  It has a micro brewery with 13 kinds of beer.

This is the Santa Fe Depot.  The towns foundation was built on the development of the railroad.  Built in 1902-03.  It featured a large Harvey House Restaurant and handled 10 passenger trains daily.  The library is in this building.

Since I was unable to blog while there, I will be bringing you up to where we are now.  Can hardly wait to share this place with y'all, but have another place we visited while in Kansas before I bring you here.

Until next time..... 

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