Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Park Day @ Palmito Ranch Battlefield NHL

Clean up and interpretation day at America's Civil War battlefields 2012.  This is one of the most significant Civil War military sites in Texas.  It is the site of the last land battle of the war (May 12-13, 1865).

We all met at the Palo Alto Visitor Center in Brownsville.  There were six of us volunteers and four staff from the refuge to support this effort.

We were treated to doughnuts, juice, coffee, and were given tee shirts for participating.

William McWhorter, military historian for the Texas Historical Commission, gave a nice power point presentation.

2015 will be the sesquicentennial and there are some great plans in store for the site.  Plans include a parking lot with two observation decks and a short trail.

We assembled at the kiosk on highway 4, just north of the site to pick up litter along the roadway.

Here we are donning gloves, spraying, and getting trash bags...we set off on our mission.

Dot was the last to come in!!  We all did our part though.  The area was fairly clean this year.  Whoopee. 

Jennifer and Scott gave a short presentation before heading over to the battlefield site.

Here is the new parking area with the battlefield all around looking just as it did back then in 1864-65, barren.  The trail will be off to the right amongst the trees with one of the observation decks just before the trail starts.

Christine made plaster molds of animal tracks for the kiddos.  Our LE officer was on the highway slowing vehicles down to keep us safe.

The beautiful plaques to mark the sites will soon be placed.

This picture is in the brochure from the very first Park Day.  Notice the fellow in blue with me on the far right.  We restored the plaque you see here.  It was first cleaned, then painted totally black, then using a sand paper, the raised letters and state emblem were sanded to remove the paint making it readable once again.

We finished off the day by having our fill of delicious fresh gulf shrimp, our last for the season as we are all soon to be departing for the year to various other places!!

Until next time.... 

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