Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"The sage in bloom, is like perfume....

Cenizo, better known as Purple Sage was profusely blooming at Los Olmos.

We took a little trip with our supervisor, Imer de la Garza, out to one of Lower Rio Grande Valley NWR tracts near Rio Grande City named Los Olmos (the elms).  This piece of property was sold to the refuge by Wallace's best friend.  It is a very nice parcel of land that has some endangered plants on it.  We were eager to see it again.

Last year, the guys put up some solar panels to get water for the wildlife.

The concrete structures were built a long time ago.  They were made to hold water for the cattle that was on the ranch at one time.  You can agua!!!  The Spanish name for these structures is "pilas".

The windmill (papalote) used to bring in water and is now defunct.  A thing of the past.

Here are the two, trying to figure out what to do!?!  The system required too much maintenance so it was dismantled and parts of it will be used elsewhere.

It was good to get out in the field with our "super".

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