Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Deep in the Heart of Texas"

Some of you didn't understand my last blog title.  It is a verse from the song "Deep in the Heart of Texas".  A song that was written in 1941 and spent 5 weeks at the top of "Your Hit Parade" in 1942.  The University of Texas Longhorn Band performs it during each football pregame.  Google it for the rest of the lyrics.  When I was growing up here in the Valley there was a TV show on channel 5 by the name "The Ty Cobb Show" that featured local talent every Saturday.  I sang that song while my sister played the piano for me.  We performed EVERY Saturday!!!  That song means a lot to this Valley Gal!!!

We have our volunteer tour of La Sal del Rey tomorrow.  Stay tuned for that adventure.

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