Sunday, February 19, 2017

Bayou Teche NWR/Eagle Expo

We were asked if we would like to help Brian Pember,  assistant refuge manager at Bayou Teche NWR, with a program. Little did we know we would need to tow this boat  there.

We drove the custom made, brand new pontoon boat, which we found out after we got there that it was oversized. We were not stopped in route! Whew!

Wallace did an amazing job maneuvering through the heavy traffic of New Orleans!!!

We got a  late start, but managed to get there in time to give it a trial run to see if it was going to fit between the gate you see in the background. Brian was told, "it won't fit," which caused him some stress. Not only did it fit, but we got through it for a beautiful ride in a section that a lot of people don't get to see. This is on the refuge where there is no hunting...EVER.

This shot is just at the turn before we entered the gate.

Driving this boat was new to Brian and he did a wonderful job getting it through the gate. Wallace and I were at the front to aid him.

The ride was smooth and quiet, and the reflections at this time of day were gorgeous.

We saw three small alligators this evening as well as various birds.

We enjoyed our time, just the three of us.

The time arrived for our first tour.

Brian was in the boat talking with the guests, Wallace was there assisting, and I was at the truck helping with life jackets, water, maps, etc.

When all 15 participants were safely on board, I joined them for the ride.  It was a great ride, AND we discovered an eagle nest on the refuge which Brian was happy about.

Our second tour of eight was a crew of happy people, we were drowned rats as we got caught up in the soft rain, but they wanted to keep going. There was a lady on board with the news from Baton Rouge

As you can see, we were cold and wet, but having a good time.

The pontoon boat ride was free to the public. It was in participation with the Eagle Expo. We could only take 15 people on board and they did have to sign up. With the weather, we were happy with the outcome.

The second day, Brian set up a hike on the Franklin Trail which meanders along the Franklin Canal.

We had 15 participants.

Wallace and I manned the station for awhile after riding the trail to make sure it was okay.

Hats off to Brian who did a wonderful job. This was the first time to participate in this event, and we were happy to help.

Everything went off without one problem...all enjoyed their time spent...even with the weather we had to contend with!!!

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  1. How nice to get a ride in a brand new boat into a special area of the refuge!

  2. Cool... didn't know they did a boat ride on the Teche